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Are you a football/soccer fan who wants to write about your favorite sport, player or domestic/national team?

The Aztec Warriors is happy to accept articles from its readers and publish them on the site. AW has already had a few guest writers and we are looking for your contribution to help our community grow.  

All you need to do:

Write your article (news, feature, essay, nib, any word count, players, managers, any team(s), big, small, amateur, in ascendancy, fallen giants etc) and send it in on a word doc or text doc to press@theaztecwarriors.com

Writing Guidelines:

  • Your article must be original and not previously published anywhere else, including your own blog/site.
  • We will create links to your other sites so people can visit them via your profile on The Aztec Warriors.
  • We do not accept articles that contain hidden advertising or affiliate links. 
  • An article submission should include one image (as a Featured Image,) The recommended width and height for the featured image is 588 x 229. Always provide an attribute link-back to the source files or images in your articles.
  • The published articles are unpaid, but you get free publicity for your portfolio, websites, social profile along with space for your biography. You can include up to three links which will be displayed at the bottom of the post.
  • The Aztec Warriors reserves the right to edit the content. (e.g. misspellings, grammar, formatting etc.) Content Guidelines Soccer news, match reviews, rumors, tournaments, opinions, etc.

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Being apart of this group has enhanced my experience as a fan of soccer and the Mexican National Team.

Miguel A. Carrillo