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Luces, cámara... ¡Jersey nuevo!


How the USA vs. Mexico rivalry was born

Simon Borg gives a history lesson on how the USA vs. Mexico rivalry was built into what it is today.


Seleccion Mexicana en los Mundiales

Seleccion Mexicana en los Mundiales / Mexico Siglo XX / El Tricolor


México Eliminado del Preolímpico CONCACAF 2008 (todas las fallas)

La selección mexicana necesitó un gol más para avanzar a semifinales del torneo


Raul Jimenez's Game-Winning Bicycle Kick Goal

Raul Jimenez's Game - Winning Bicycle kick goal against Panama will hands down be one of the greatest goals ever made by El Tri players.  


Seleccion Mexicana behind the scenes

The 2014 FIFA World Cup is behind us now, and all we can do is start a new count down for the 2018 FIFA World Cup and relish in the nostalgia that is flowing through our veins.  Here is a video that the FEMEXFUT has made to help us in our hunger for more soccer.  

The video highlights the companionship, jokes, and work that the team put in to once capture our hearts and remind us why we love this game!


Oro: El Dia Que Todo Cambio (Documental Seleccion Olimpica Mexicana)

Not even, if I was to be in the ultimate concentration stage of yoga, would I be capable of remembering what I felt when the referee blew the end of regulation whistle that would solidify the gold medal to the u23 Mexican national soccer team in the 2012 London Olympics. It was such a magical moment in my fanatical soccer career. There are days that I regret not pressing the record button in my dvr to relive the moment.


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