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Oro: El Dia Que Todo Cambio (Documental Seleccion Olimpica Mexicana)


Not even, if I was to be in the ultimate concentration stage of yoga, would I be capable of remembering what I felt when the referee blew the end of regulation whistle that would solidify the gold medal to the u23 Mexican national soccer team in the 2012 London Olympics. It was such a magical moment in my fanatical soccer career. There are days that I regret not pressing the record button in my dvr to relive the moment. Luckily, not too long ago, I read a tweet regarding a documentary that Coca Cola was creating in regards to the success of the Mexican national soccer team in the 2012 London Olympics. I was super excited and once I knew it was ready to be enjoyed, I remember grabbing a cup of coffee, emailing friends and family, and placing my headphones on as I streamed the video in full screen mode onto my 24 inch Dell monitor at work. In my novice documentary critic ability: It was on Friday January 11th that I had the chance to view the documentary and my review can be stated in three simple words: it’s absolutely fantastic. I believe it was incredibly well done, and a must-view for Mexican national team soccer fans alike. The film tells the story of an unlikely accomplishment that Mexico would achieve, and how it developed out of intense commitment, will, moral and comradeship. The film highlights how the Mexican press would try to bring down the hopes of soccer fans and players by saying that Mexico could not win the tournament. We later get to watch the Mexico team overcome the notorious harassment from the press. We also get the privilege of watching a different side of Luis Tena, as he is known to be mild in nature during press conferences and interviews. There is an excitement and fierceness in his words, and hearing his speeches as he engages and provides the necessary words to liven up the Mexican squad, surely, is something not to be missed. Most of the great moments that happened on the pitch are captured, and we get to see the various friendships that merged between players and coaching staff. For me, a few tearful moments take place as the documentary cuts to personal moments in the lives of certain players. The film highlights motivational factors that played a huge role in building up their moral and determination. If you haven’t watched it, I highly recommend you do so, as my words will not do the film justice.

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