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Mexico vs Bolivia: Recap on International Friendly

Mexico downed Bolivia with an early goal in the first half by Miguel Layun. Their dominance was well represented but short lived as Bolivia made some much needed tactical changes to start the second half. Although Bolivia’s attack didn’t threaten Mexico’s Munoz much, they sure did win back position to the point where Miguel Herrera was forced to make changes in his formation.

What we learned from Mexico vs Chile friendly

In a game that featured two top tier teams Mexico (ranking 17) and Chile (ranking 12) for their first friendly matches following the FIFA World Cup in Brazil we got a result that was pretty much expected.

Game day - Mexico vs Chile at Levi's Stadium

Game day has finally arrived.  I can’t help but feel like a 9 year old waiting to go to Great America with family and best friends … I also have that feeling of when you plan for a guys night out to the city (San Francisco).  

Mexico vs Chile a New Era for El Tri

On Saturday, September 6, 2014 Mexico will take on the Chile national team in a new round of friendlies following the FIFA World Cup in Brazil. For many it will be a game to welcome El Tri back on the pitch following a solid performance. For others like myself it’s the beginning of a new era, which will usher in young Mexican players looking to find a place with the Mexican national team.

Chile will bring World Cup talent to the Mexico friendly

El Tri fans in northern California have been waiting a very long time for the Mexican Men’s National team to return. And it only took roughly 1 year 5 months and about 1.2 billion dollars to make it happen.  El Tri will host Chile at the newly constructed San Francisco 49er Levi stadium in Santa Clara.

Mexico will have to learn from the mistakes against Bosnia

Becoming great at anything requires perseverance. The players on the Mexico National Team need to display this characteristic as they enter their last friendly match prior to the World Cup in Brazil. In the game against Bosnia El Tri lacked perseverance with taking control of the match from the Bosnians.

Mexico against Israel - Adios Mexico, road trip to Brazil will follow

I have multiple opinions about the decision to choose Israel as one of the teams to play against as they embark on their road trip to Brazil. Many pessimistic ones to be honest. But I won't discuss those today, I’ll focus on why I think its a good decision. Here are the reasons why:

Remaining games for El Tri

The Mexico National Team has 4 matches left to prepare their team for the World Cup in Brazil.  It will be interesting to watch the strategies that Miguel Herrera will use in order to ensure he knows who to play and in what position.  I hope he uses these games to experiment and to test the players ability.  Here is the remaining schedule for El Tri:

Mexico vs. Nigeria, Friendly match preparation for World Cup 2014

The Mexican National Team faced off against Nigeria on Wednesday in their preparation for the World Cup.  Although the final numbers show a dominance of El Tri in possession, in my opinion El Tri lacked the four C's:  

Chemistry - The back-line and midfield didn't have that chemistry that is needed to move the ball in a circular fashion.  It was a vertical game with no ball movement that one would see as moving the players into an area where they would be able to place the defense out of position.  


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