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Mexican's called up for duty for March 2015 Friendlies

The complete list of Mexican players applying their trade in both the domestic Mexican league and Europe has been fully assembled. 

Here is the list of players that will participate in the up and coming March Friendlies:

El Tri calls up 12 European based players

The Mexican Football Federation has announced the European based players that will be joining El Tri in the FIFA sponsored friendly dates this month.

Mexican National Team News - March Friendlies locked and loaded

The FMF announced Mexico’s final rival for the FIFA sponsored friendly dates in March of this year. Ecuador is scheduled to face off with Mexico in Los Angeles on March 28th. The game will take place at the Los Ángeles Memorial Coliseum and is scheduled to be played at 20:30 hrs.

Mexico vs Paraguay Friendly in March 2015

News is filtering around the web that Mexico and Paraguay will be playing in an international friendly during the FIFA dates in March of 2015 in Kansas.  One would assume that it is Sporting Park home of the MLS Sporting Kansas City.  

The game would be the first stand alone national team game in Kansas City to not feature the US national team game. 

Belarus did their homework as they beat Mexico 3-2

Mexico vs Belarus, Jonathan Dos Santos, Gio Dos Santos

The Belarus national team were either very lucky or did their homework prior to today's 3-2 victory over the Mexican national team. I want to give them the benefit of the doubt in order to make this loss a little less painful. Here are 4 reasons why I believe the Belarus watched their film before today's match:

Belarus vs Mexico International Friendly

Miguel Herrera takes selfie.

Yesterday (November 15th) Mexico arrived at Belarus as they prepare for their next friendly match on Tuesday November 18th. As Miguel Herrera and company posts pictures on Twitter one thing is certain, it's going to be a cold atmosphere on game day.

Herrera, today, announced the starting players for this match:

4 Reasons Chicharito's game is now elevated with Vela's return

Chicharito, Vela, Herrera

Roughly four days ago we witnessed a new era for the Mexico National team. Carlos Vela returned to national duty and scored two magnificent goals which helped secure victory for El Tri. And even though this article should be all about Carlos Vela (luckily we covered it already), as most articles have been following the international friendly, I will focus my attention on Chicharito.

Game day - Mexico vs Holland at Amsterdam Arena

AJAX Amsterdam Stadium

Big day today as Mexico will face a familiar 2014 foe, Holland. The team that knocked Mexico out of the FIFA World Cup 2014 in what many believe in a controversial way will host Mexico at one of their state of the art stadiums in Amsterdam.

Some journalists and bloggers have indicated that this game is built on revenge for El Tri but Miguel Herrera insisted to let the media know that it was “not a case of revenge”.

For me this game will hopefully answer 1 of the following pending questions I have as a El Tri fanatic:

Mexico has their roster set for November friendlies against Holland and Belarus

Hector Herrera

In the middle of the week the names of the Mexican players that will join the 10 Europeans in the November friendlies were announced. (see roster section below) A few familiar names have made the list and as expected more new faces are on the list as well.  It will be interesting who Miguel Herrera chooses for the Holland friendly as it will surely be the game that he fields an A team.

El Tri calls 10 European players for the November friendlies

Miguel Herrera calls his troops

The Mexican Football Federation unveiled the European players that will be called to play in the up and coming November friendlies. 10 were called and although a few names were expected as they have seats that are just about guaranteed, a few others were to my surprise. Below is a list of the players that were called:

Player – Club


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