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El Tri loss, makes us fans, united and stronger

Monday’s already carry the stigma of being a very rough day. Include a weekend Mexico loss in the round of 16 stages in a FIFA World Cup and you add that much sourness to it. The interesting thing is that I know it will be easier to get passed this round of 16 defeat than the 5 prior.


FIFA World Cup 2014 TV Schedule



4 pm ET | Brazil vs. Croatia | Sao Paulo | TV: ESPN/Univision (USA), CBC (Canada)


12 pm ET | Mexico vs. Cameroon | Natal | TV: ESPN2/Univision (USA), CBC (Canada)

3 pm ET | Spain vs. Netherlands | Salvador | TV: ESPN/Univision (USA), CBC (Canada)

Azteca-damus predicts some very random things

We are hours away from the most anticipated sport event in the world; The World Cup. As many get ready to watch the opening inauguration ceremony, I wanted to post some of my predictions and guesses of random World Cup events that can or will take place.

World Cup 2014, 4 years of waiting 3 years of planning


The last time I planned something 3 years in advance was at the tail end of my freshman year in college when I decided to change my major to Computer Science.  I wanted to graduate and land a job that would pay me big money. I told myself that I needed to be out in 3 years in order to graduate before the dot com bust.  Anyway, as much as I would like to ramble about my college years, I'll save it for another day.  Plus its better told over a beer. (Invite me, please)

Chicharito is out of the starting XI against Cameroon

Word on the street is that Chicharito Hernandez will not start for Mexico’s opening World Cup match against Cameroon. Being a huge fan of Chicharito I cannot help but cringe and feel somewhat broken-hearted as I really enjoy watching him; battle for loose balls, chase the goalie, scoring awkward goals, world class goals, his many offside calls, and especially his playfulness and work ethic.

Road to a dream

Hands down, soccer is the world's most popular sport, and there is no stage on earth more majestic than the FIFA World Cup. The world will be looking to Brazil in June and July for the ultimate gathering of soccer and national pride: the FIFA World Cup. Much like the Olympics, every four years the world turns its eyes toward this massive global event that honors a truly international sport and the fans and athletes that are proud to represent their country.

Fortaleza, Brazil - Home base for The Aztec Warriors

Fanfest, Fortaleza Brazil

As we gear up and get ready to pack our bags and head out to Brazil we would like to share some information on where you can find The Aztec Warriors. We will be stationed in Fortaleza for the majority of the group stage. June 15th to June 26th.

Road to Brazil 2014 - Tickets on the way

I received my confirmation from the Official Hospitality Programme at Fifa that the delivery of MATCH Hospitality packages is scheduled to take place in the coming days. I purchased the group stage for Mexico so I’ll have tickets to each of the three games. I’m planning on selling my Mexico vs. Cameroon tickets as I wasn't able to get the flight to head out to watch that particular game. If anyone is interested please give me a ring using the contact us form.

Group Stage set for 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil™

Now that the Group stages are set for the 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil™ and I’ve had time to reflect on all the madness, here are my thoughts on who will be the leaders from each group.

Group A - Brazil

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