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Mexican Federation sets its Objectives for the 2015/2016 Calendar Year

The Mexican Federation set its objectives for the 2015/2016 jammed packed calendar year. We all knew that there was going to be lots of tournaments for the selección mayor but there are also other divisions who will engage in some very important tournaments.  See the chart below for more details:

2015 Copa America Chile

The second phase of ticket sales for the 2015 Copa América in Chile started on Wednesday, January 14, and Mexico tickets are already sold out. 

El Tri Up Coming Schedule of Friendlies and Tournament Matches

Official FIFA International Friendly Dates

March:  3/23 - 3/31

June:  6/08 - 6/16

August/September:  8/31 - 9/08

October:  10/05 - 10/13

November:  11/09 - 11/17

México will know who they face in the Copa America Chile on November 24th

The Mexico national team will know who they will face in the 2015 Copa America Chile on November 24th.  The president of the Chile National Football Association, Sergio Jadue announced the official date for the group draw.  

Mexico , next chapter begins: Road to Copa America, Chile

It’s been 3 days since the destiny of a nation; Mexico, was changed by a single play which awarded the Netherlands a penalty to take a 2-1 lead and win the round of 16 match which was held in Fortaleza, Brazil for the 2014 FIFA World Cup. Most Mexican fans blame the referee for the bad call and I really want to join that wagon as I know it will make it easier for me to get over the fact that our team failed to advance once again.

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