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Game 1 Friendly: Mexico vs. South Korea

Let’s be honest here, even the most callous and serious Mexico fans were happy at the end of this match. When it comes to El Tri, I can be very pessimistic like most other callous fans, but I feel that this can be justified after the horrific 2013 that we just endured. Yet, after the ninety minutes were up, I was content, elated even. There’s a skeptical/analytical side of me which wanted to “read between the sidelines,” but the oblivious, simple, and Id-like version of me didn’t care. All I saw was “4-0” and guys with green jerseys hugging each other on my television screen. That’s good, right? This “winning” thing has now happened four times in a row, but it’s never that simple is it? Gather around children, it’s time for Bret Michaels to teach us obvious themes that we could apply for the Mexico vs South Korea match.
One more thing. My cat, DJ Cuddles, is currently in heat and was in heat during the match. I’ve never owned a cat before and a cat in heat is so much more ridiculous than I ever assumed. Did you think I was sitting in a posh media area in San Antonio? Eating my free meal and fist-bumping Tom Marshall? Nope. I was sitting in my Target robe like a Chicano Big Lebowski trying to ignore DJ Cuddles’ primitive yowls and screams. It was weird.

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