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Photo credit: by Sonja Guina

The Aztec Warriors is making a strong push to create an ecosystem in which our members can contribute directly to local communities with the AW Grassroots Initiative.  The goal of this program is to encourage greater participation from kids of all ages in the game by sponsoring teams and paying for registration and equipment fees.  As teams register for the support from the Aztec Warriors members, we will provide resources to help educate the sponsored teams on how Soccer can have a positive impact on education, health, and community development.  

Ultimately we want children to play in a structured system from early on in order for a greater appreciation of the game as well as for the community that they belong too.  For more information, please contact on how you can assist and get more information.  

Soon we will have a link for a team registration application form.  This will allow you to apply for sponsorship.


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