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Fanfest, Fortaleza Brazil

Fortaleza, Brazil - Home base for The Aztec Warriors

As we gear up and get ready to pack our bags and head out to Brazil we would like to share some information on where you can find The Aztec Warriors. We will be stationed in Fortaleza for the majority of the group stage. June 15th to June 26th. We will rent out an apartment on the coast and will be very close to the fan fest area allocated by FIFA and the city of Fortaleza. Iracema Beach in Fortaleza is set to be the place to be in June and July 2014 when the FIFA World Cup™ comes to town.  More information on Fortaleza Fan Fest here.

In my research I was able to get some information to share in regards to Fortaleza

State Ceará

The stadium The 67,000-seater Arena Castelão will stage six World Cup matches, including four group games, a last-16 match and a quarter-final. The stadium, which is home to rival clubs Ceará Sporting and Fortaleza Esporte, is one of Brazil's biggest and was the first to be fully refurbished, but the £150m cost inflamed protests about poor public services during the Confederations Cup in summer 2013. Also known as the Gigante da Boa Vista, the stadium looks like a giant, shimmering sea anemone from the air, and is based in the south of the city, near the airport. Apart from the football, there are few reasons to venture out here and you may be better off finding at a base in the city centre or near Iracema beach, then travel by bus to Jardim Castelão or by metro to Parangaba, and take a taxi from there.

Quick beer Hotels, bars and restaurants are scarce in the poor, mainly residential part of town where the Castelão is based. If you are after a party atmosphere, your best bet would be to have a drink near theDragão do Mar cultural centre or at a bar near the city beaches of Iracema, Mucuripe or Meireles

The weather Fortaleza is less than four degrees south of the equator and is almost always hot, though in June and July, the tail end of the rainy season, temperatures are eased by the strong wind, which draws surfers, windsurfers and kite-surfers to nearby beaches, such as Cumbuco and Praia do Futuro.

What to pack? Beachwear, hat and sun-lotion – and not too much else. Petty theft is high in Fortaleza, and you should take particular care when going out at night and travelling on public transport. You're fine in the city, but if heading north towards Maranhão or the Amazon, you may need a yellow fever certificate.

What's the city like? Fortaleza is known as the capital of forró, a style of dance and music that originated in north-east Brazil. Like much of life here, the all-night forró parties take place in the open air, mainly in vast, walled courtyards on the outskirts, and everywhere during the festas juninas (June festivals), which will be in full swing during the tournament. Architecturally, the city is not the prettiest, with a mixture of high rises and low brick houses, but the superb surrounding beaches more than make up for its less attractive urban areas. The area around the cathedral is a vast open market, with clothes and food stalls spilling on to the streets. Locals are still proud that Fortaleza was the first place in Brazil to abolish slavery, in 1884, and the history of people from the parched backlands, or Sertão, is remembered with permanent exhibitions and memorials. 

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