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El Tri loss, makes us fans, united and stronger

Monday’s already carry the stigma of being a very rough day. Include a weekend Mexico loss in the round of 16 stages in a FIFA World Cup and you add that much sourness to it. The interesting thing is that I know it will be easier to get passed this round of 16 defeat than the 5 prior.


I know from a fans perspective I gave it my all. For 3 years I, saved money, researched, planned, and followed El Tri through the hardships to qualify for the World Cup in Brazil.  And with all the hard work I was successfully able to attend two of the three-group stage matches in Brazil.  As a fan, I know I went as far as I could with the available resources that I had.  (Hell, I even started a support group “Aztec Warriors” on their behalf.)  As fans we strive to have a team go all the way, and we want to put blame on something to help us heal. What Brazil taught me was that at the end of the day, the team doesn’t leave your heart whether a victory is won or a defeat is conceded. Win or lose we will have El Tri in our hearts and we will continue to fight the fight, cheer for glory, cry in defeat.  The external factors mean nothing when you have people who share the same feelings you share as well as the same struggle.

The day will come when we taste victory at a World Cup. The day will come when the fans will no longer feel a sour taste in their mouth in the knock out stages. I feel that someday, us fans, will have our moment and make history with El Tri. So as we prepare for Mother Russia in 2018, as a fan, I invite you to give it your all, join us in creating a community that follows El Tri. Lets make the next and future World Cups that much better. Become an Aztec Warrior!


From us to you: 

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Being apart of this group has enhanced my experience as a fan of soccer and the Mexican National Team.

Miguel A. Carrillo