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Azteca-damus predicts some very random things

We are hours away from the most anticipated sport event in the world; The World Cup. As many get ready to watch the opening inauguration ceremony, I wanted to post some of my predictions and guesses of random World Cup events that can or will take place.

• Which team will receive the first red card in the tournament? – Brazil
• Will Big Head, Brazil’s version of the animal oracle get 100% correct in its predictions during the knock out stage? - No
• Which team will benefit from the GoalCentral goal line technology? – USA
• Which teams the referees will most likely rip or screw off? - England, USA and Mexico
• Which team is most likely to get caught up in a sex scandal? – Mexico
• Which team(s) is most likely to turn on their coach? Iran, Croatia
• Which team is most likely to score the first “own goal”? – Spain

Share your own predictions in the comments below. (You’ll have to create a free account to do it, but hey its worth joining in on the fun)

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