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4 Reasons Chicharito's game is now elevated with Vela's return

Roughly four days ago we witnessed a new era for the Mexico National team. Carlos Vela returned to national duty and scored two magnificent goals which helped secure victory for El Tri. And even though this article should be all about Carlos Vela (luckily we covered it already), as most articles have been following the international friendly, I will focus my attention on Chicharito. Don’t get me wrong I’m excited as can be that we have Carlos Vela on the national team, but I wanted to highlight 4 reasons why I believe Chicharitos game will be elevated because of Vela’s return:

Not the main focus - Before Carlos Vela, Chicharito had the misfortune of having the European sticker attached to him. The expectations were high and with any miss or bad pass he was scrutinized for it. With Carlos Vela on the pitch it will be less likely that he will be the main focus and any negative attention will be split amongst each other. What will be interesting to see is who takes the penalties. I for one would like to see Vela take the penalties as Chicharito doesn’t have the best of reputations in this department.

6 yard and 18 yard Box - Chicharito can go back to his home, the 6 yard and 18 yard box. Chicharito has been known to wreck havoc in these areas and with Carlos Vela on the pitch he will be able to prowl and pouch as he loves to do at the club level in these areas. His reaction to the balls will allow him to shine and cause great pain to the many defenses.

Speed of game increases - Chicharito has been known to drop down and help out the midfielders. The only problem is when he does, Mexico is left with an attack that is out of sync and/or confused, meaning they can never get the next two passes for clear shots on goal. Now, as we saw in the match against Holland, Chicharito is able to provide support as he drops back and allows for a fast counter and with Vela hanging out on top it gives Mexico the finishing skills of a world class striker.

CONCACAF Foes - One reason why Mexico had such a difficult time qualifying for the FIFA World Cup in Brazil was because they earned 1 point too many times in the qualifiers. The CONCACAF teams all seemed to utilize the same algorithm which was to double Chicharito and jam the 18 yard box with defenders. This made it nearly impossible for Chicharito to score and for Mexico to earn victories over their opponents. With Vela, the counter attack will surely be more fierce and the old tatics will surely fail. 

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