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CONCACAF and CONMEBOL Statement Regarding Derogatory and Offensive Fan Behavior at Certain Copa America Centenario Matches

Words Matter and anyone that is apart of the Aztec Warriors needs to understand that we will not tolerate fans misbehaving.  It doesn't matter if you believe its not in the context of being hurtful.  Words Matter and we agree fully with the following statement:

CONCACAF Announces Women’s Football Leadership Group

MIAMI (Thursday, March 24, 2016) – The Confederation of North, Central America and Caribbean Association Football (CONCACAF) announced today the formation of the Women’s Football Leadership Group that will be composed by female leaders from within the region, with the aim of supporting the Confederation’s efforts to further develop the women’s game in addition to raising awareness about the opportunities that football offers women beyond the pitch.

Luces, cámara... ¡Jersey nuevo!


La Nueva Camiseta de El Tri!

The refresh is here!

Himno Nacional Mexicano

The Himno Nacional Mexicano is an anthem that us El Tri fans should all strive to memorize.  Singing with the crowd minutes before the game makes for such a great experience.  It also rallies our team to prepare themselves to achieve great things on the pitch.  Practice when you can and get ready to sing your heart out at your next El Tri game.

Chicharito will be the face of El Tri for the next 8 years

Heart and passion. No other footballer in Mexico has those qualities in him in the amounts that Chicharito has. Every defender he avoids, every header he elevates towards, he goes into with full force, and usually wins it, and first to get up when the dust clears and the outcome was not the expected.  He’s not immune to an occasional blunder or mistake but he tends to make up for them with his non-stop effort during the whole 90 minutes.

AW Latest Blog.

10/12/2015 - 11:47

Seems like just yesterday when I attended my first significant match at Cowboys stadium as Mexico devoured El Salvador at the 2011 Gold Cup. I never looked back since then, the entire vibe that a Mexico match gives to even the most casual of fans leaves you wanting to come back for more and more. So after a few more gold cup matches attended,...



The Aztec Warriors Supporters Club was created to unite El Tri fans in the United States. The site will host a variety of resources that will allow more ...


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Being apart of this group has enhanced my experience as a fan of soccer and the Mexican National Team.

Miguel A. Carrillo